Summer Sports information


Played in terms 1 and 4 as 2 seperate seasons.

  • Games are played on Thursdays at the Kensington Oval.

  • Each season costs roughly $20-$25.

  • Term 4 touch will start on Thursday 24th October 2021 and run till Thursday 9th December - look out for registration late in term 3.


Played in terms 1 and 4 as 2 seperate seasons at the Edgar centre. Games are played on:

  • Tuesdays for Years 1-4. Starting Tuesday 16th Feb-6th April with games 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

  • Wednesdays for Years 5-6. Starting Wednesday 17th Feb-7th April with games 3:30pm-6:00pm.

  • Each season costs between $40-$45 per season.


Each season begins in term 4 and carries over into term 1 as completing the season.

  • Games are played on Saturday mornings at Bathgate Park.

  • Each season costs roughly $25.

Girls Smash Cricket

This is a new initiative to encourage girls into the sport of cricket.

  • Games are played on Monday afternoons.

  • Each season costs roughly $10.

  • Each new player receives a new t-shirt when they register.

Winter Sports Information:

Hockey: Played in terms 2 & 3. Games are played at Queens High School or the Alexander McMillan Turf (65 Harbour Terrace) on Wednesdays. School provides playing gear such as sticks etc. Competition cost is roughly $35.

Netball: Played in terms 2 & 3. Games are played at the Edgar Centre on Tuesdays. Cost is $52.50 per player per season. Netball is played in yr 3/4 and 5/6 divisions.

Kiwi Hoops: Played in term 3. Games are played at the Edgar Centre on Thursdays. Cost is $35 for Y3-4 (based on a 6-8 player team) and $50 for Y5-6 (based on a 9 player team).

Sports Draw

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Kiwi Hoops




Otago Touch website and draw (Field Layout)

T-Ball (T-ball information sheet)

Girls Smash Cricket