Positive Education

Wellbeing Strategy

The wellbeing of our students is of vital importance as stated in our school vision of "provide a positive, safe, and rich learning environment where our tamariki will grow emotionally, socially and academically to reach their full potential". Our wellbeing strategy is focussed on Play Is The Way philosophy, our self regulation programmes of Iti Korona and Ake Ake, access to the counselling and through teaching of school values and key competencies. 

Our School Values

We are respectful

We are friendly

We are understanding

We are resilient

We are learners

Play is the Way at Musselburgh School

About Play is the Way

How does it work?

The Elements

PITW is comprised of 6 elements with the first 3 elements implemented simultaneously, followed by the remaining 3 in succession.

Musselburgh school has implemented the first three elements so far.

Element One: The 5 Life Raft Key Concepts

The Life Raft activities are taught each week as part of the health and P.E. Curriculum.

They are:

Element Two: The Games

Each class play the physically interactive games 2-3 times per week to practise the lift raft key concepts being taught in the classroom an authentic situations. 

Element Three: Self Reflective Language

Teachers use the following reflective questions to help our children build their social and emotional capabilities.

Self-Mastery Checklist: