Education Outside the Classroom

School Camp

Our year 5/6 students attend a  week long bi-annual camp at Berwick Lodge where they have a variety of opportunities to learn outside the classroom including:

Search and rescue exercises



Team building exercises

Visiting the Sinclair Wetlands

Obstacle course

Working with Adventure Masters

This is a highlight of their time as a senior student at Musselburgh and many fond memories are created during this time.

Sports Visits

Our students have been lucky to receive visits from the Otago Nuggets Basketball players, the Otago Women's Rugby Spirit Sisters and Kendra Cocksedge from the Black Ferns. Students also have regular coaching sessions from Otago Cricket, Futsal and Golf.


Art Walk


As part of our Term 1 Inquiry we visited the Dunedin Street Art Exhibition. Students spent time viewing and answering questions about the art works.  We are working towards creating visual pepha later this term.