Policies and Procedures


All of Musselburgh School’s policies and procedures are stored online with SchoolDocs. SchoolDocs manages our school’s policies and procedures in a way that allows us to maintain, review and update them regularly. It ensures our policies and procedures are up to date, that we’re following Ministry of Education best-practice guidelines, and we’re meeting our reporting requirements.

Take a look!

We invite you to log in to our SchoolDocs site and explore. Your reviews and feedback are valuable, and it’s important to be familiar with our school’s policies and procedures.

You can find out more information at the SchoolDocs website - our username is 'musselburgh' and our password is 'marlow'

1.       Go to schooldocs.co.nz

2.       Click Search for your school.

3.       Start typing the school’s name and select it from the dropdown list.

4.       Enter your community username and password.

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Our SchoolDocs site

The site is organised into policy topics, which outline the board’s responsibilities and are based on the Ministry’s National Administration Guidelines. Below each top-level topic are supporting policies and procedures, which are generally the responsibility of the principal, senior leadership, and other staff. The site is designed to be a ‘single source of truth’, eliminating the need for paper manuals that are more time- and labour-intensive to keep up to date.

When do we review our policies and procedures?

By law, the school must review our policies and procedures at regular intervals. The 3-year review schedule on our SchoolDocs site indicates when these reviews will happen.

Some reviews are done by the board (B), but the majority are reviewed by both the board and staff (B–S), or the whole school community (board, staff, and parents B–S–P). note: Those with access to the site can offer general feedback at any time, using the Send Feedback button on each topic. (The feedback goes to the principal.)

When a topic is up for review, we can consider both the content of the policy and how it’s been implemented at the school.

The SchoolDocs module allows reviewers to rate content and its implementation 1–5 stars, and offer comments on both.