Visual Pepeha

Our Term 1 Inquiry was centered around Who am I? As part of this, students learned about many different artists and styles of art. We visited the Dunedin Street Art trail to gather ideas and practice sharing our opnions about artworks. During the term students explored different art techniques and learned to say their Pepeha. Students then produced a Visual Pepeha to demonstrate what they had learned. Our end of term celebration of learning was on Friday 31st March where we shared our work with our whānau including our oral Pepeha. 

Rūma Ngaio Year 5-6

Rūma Ngaio students used Cubism, Pointillism and Collage to inspire them when creating their Visual Pepeha. 

Zeidyn's Visual Pepeha

Julia's Visual Pepeha

Lopeti'sVisual Pepeha

Rūma Totara

Rūma Rimu

Rūma Rimu students created a diorama to represent their Pepeha. 

Rūma Pohutukawa